12-24kv FRP Type Transformer Bushing

12-24kv FRP Type Transformer Bushing

12-24kv FRP type transformer bushing

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12-24kv FRP Type Transformer Bushing

FRP Capacitor Transformer Bushing is made of FRP composite material for internal insulation and silicone rubber composite material for external insulation. Compared with traditional casing, it has the following advantages:

1. No oil, no gas, no porcelain, explosion-proof;

2. Environmental protection, maintenance-free;

3. Strong resistance to pollution flash;

4. Long service life;

5.The silicone rubber composite jacket has excellent antifouling performance and can be used in heavy pollution areas;

Since the voltage distribution along the surface is uniform and the organic synthetic material is used as the outer sheath, it has a significant effect on increasing the flashover voltage.


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