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The Safe Distance Of The Radio Tower From The Residential Area
- Sep 20, 2017 -

One: The radio transmitter towers are equipped with lightning protection earthing and grounding devices, easy to attract lightning. If the installation of the device is not in the thunderstorm season, lightning will be a lightning threat to the communications equipment and residents. Methods: The relevant units are required to carry out test and maintenance of lightning protection Earthing and grounding devices regularly, and to carry out rectification measures before the thunderstorm season.

II: Radiation, long-term exposure to radiation will make men's sperm-y greatly reduced, 10 of men married to the children of 90% is a girl. I have a few friends in the maintenance of communications, some of them married with children, mostly girls. Method: I also know oh. But it may be better to let the mood be unaffected by the outside world.