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Technical Application Of Radio Communication Tower
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Radio broadcasting, communication, navigation and other aspects of the band have long wave, medium wave, short wave. The radio mast structure of various bands can be divided into two categories, which are support and emitter. The support is used to suspend the antenna network and the emitter uses the mast structure itself as an antenna to emit radio waves.

Ultrashort wave is widely used in the field of professional communication, such as fire fighting, water conservancy, power supply, military civil aviation dispatch and so on. such as: "350" trillion "110" command system, "350 trillion" road command and communication system, "350 trillion" fire control command system, Government water conservancy flood control and drought Relief dispatching command system, electric industry dispatching system, mobile and Unicom communication system bring great convenience to people's life, Therefore, radio communication (communication) with the modern society of various industries is inseparable.