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Classification Of Radio Communication Tower
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Ordinary communication tower can be divided into angle communication tower, steel pipe communication tower, aluminum alloy communication tower, cable communication tower, simple three-column communication tower, and other forms, can be built on the ground and can be built on the roof. The shape of the tower is triangular, quadrilateral, hexagonal, octagon and so on. However, the number of steel used in the communication tower increases with the increase of edge numbers, the windward area is also increased, should be based on the actual needs, combined with architectural art, rationalization of construction, can play wireless communications, building lightning protection, plum Blossom building and other multiple effects. Its type varies in height. After the manufacture of the communication tower is finished, it must be sprayed or hot galvanized, or paint to maintain anti-rust treatment to prolong the service life.

Communication Tower material composition is divided into steel pipe, angle steel, round steel and its composite components, the most used is steel pipe structure, because the steel pipe wind resistance is small, good steel, saving materials, and handsome in shape.

The angle Steel tower uses the joint Board bolt Connection, the installment construction and the disassembly convenience also are many uses. Customers should choose different materials according to the actual situation. Communication Tower: The application and communication tower of the full name radio communication. Mainly used as an antenna support or itself as a transmitter, belonging to a signal tower, also known as the signal transmitter tower or signal tower, the main function of supporting the signal launch, to support the signal transmitting antenna. Its bracket is the steel structure space truss system most. Use of Mobile/unicom/Traffic satellite positioning System (GPS) and other communications departments.