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China's Top Ten Radio And TV Towers
- Sep 20, 2017 -

No10. Nanjing Radio and TV tower also known as "Zijin Tower." Located on the west side of Gu Park, Qinhuai River, tower height 318.5 meters, is a modern, multifunctional TV tower, the tower limb is three limbs stand in the middle through the empty modelling, majestic revealing scenery, living in the air of the big, small towers, the shape of flying saucers, Tower Towers Tower Hall, science Palace, skirt building and square, lawn, green belt composed of harmonious buildings.

No9. Linyi Tower, located in Linyi, Shandong Province, north of the South end, is located in Yihe, 祊 River, Liuqing Sanhe intersection. is a set of radio, television launch, Tourism, catering, exhibition services and other multi-functional services in one of the steel tower. 326 meters high, is currently the first high tower in China's urban level.

No8. Heilongjiang province radio and TV tower, known as "Dragon Tower", located in Harbin Hi-tech Development zone, was built in 2000 and opened to the outside world, is a set of radio and television launch, tourism, food and entertainment, science and technology parks, advertising, wireless communications, environmental meteorological monitoring, microwave communication in one of the comprehensive multi-function tower, The tower is 336 meters high.

No7. The Macau TV Tower towers on the south-west side of Macau, 338 meters high. The collection of tourism, exhibition, banquets and recreational and entertainment functions in one, is a high reinforced concrete structure tower, is one of the famous landmarks in Macau. The tallest sightseeing layer in the tower overlooks the surroundings and views the landscape within 50 km.

No6. Hefei Jade TV Tower, located in the beautiful and elegant apricot garden in the northwest corner of Hefei City, the tower is 339 meters high. Six large diameter steel pipe into hyperbolic parabolic line from the ground, wear into the elevation of 209.40 meters above the tower, steel pipe diameter of 1.5 meters, the world's largest steel tower.

No5. Central Plains Fota, also known as Henan Radio and Television Tower, is located in Henan province Zhengzhou navigation East and airport high-speed interchange. The tower is the tallest in the world Steel Tower, tower 388 meters high is China's tallest, the world's second steel tower. (The first is the Tokyo Clear Sky Tower)

No4. The central radio and TV Tower was founded in January 1987, completed in September 1994 and officially opened on October 1. 386.5 meters high, plus lightning rod total height of 405 meters.

No3. Tianjin radio and TV Tower, one of the ten scenes, the scene name "Sky Tower swirling Cloud". Completed in October 1991, also known as the Tianjin Youth Activities Center. Covers an area of 350,000 square meters, located in Hexi District, north of the Sports Institute, the west by the wind Shadow Beautiful water park. The total height is 415.2 meters.

No2. Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of Shanghai's iconic cultural landscapes, located in Pudong Lujiazui, tower height of about 468 meters. The tower has a space capsule, revolving restaurant, Shanghai City Historical Development Pavilion and other landscape and facilities, 1995 was included in one of Shanghai's top ten new landscapes.

No1. Guangzhou Tower, also known as Guangzhou new TV tower, nickname small pretty waist, located in Guangzhou Haizhu District (Yi Chau Island) near the Red Hillock tower, tower body 454 meters high, antenna mast 146 meters high, the total height of 600 meters, is China's first high tower, the world's third highest tower, after the Tokyo Clear Sky Tower.