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What measures can be taken to improve the safety of multistory steel structure plant?
- Sep 20, 2017 -

1. What are the aseismic structures of multistory steel structure workshop? First, the steel frame support connection can be welded or high-strength bolts. The longitudinal pillar of multistory steel structure workshop can effectively improve the longitudinal seismic ability of Workshop, the function of horizontal support of multistory steel structure workshop is to transfer horizontal seismic action and wind load, calculate length of control column and ensure the stability of structural component during installation. When the horizontal stiffness of each frame is larger, vertical support is irregular, the floor level support should be set according to the requirement, and its structure should conform to the regulations. In a word, the layout of multistory steel structure plant should be economical and reasonable, and the transmission force is direct and clear. The arrangement of grillage should be adapted to its span. When the span of the beam is large, its spacing should also be enlarged. Make full use of the allowable span of the plank, arrange the grillage rationally, in order to get better economic effect.

2. Multilayer Steel Structure Workshop fire prevention measure, the steel structure workshop as the building material has some unavoidable flaw in the fireproof main surface, its mechanical properties, such as yield points, tensile modulus of elasticity, etc. will be due to the rise in temperature and sharp decline, steel structure usually in the high temperature will lose the load capacity, the occurrence of large deformation, resulting in steel pillars, Steel structure fireproof coating beam bending, the result is too large deformation can not continue to use, generally not protected steel structure of the fire resistance limit of 20 minutes, in order to make the steel structure material in practical application to overcome the deficiencies in fire protection, must be carried out fire treatment, its purpose is to increase the fire resistance of steel structures to the limit range of design norms. , to prevent the steel structure from rapidly warming in the fire deformation, its measures are varied, according to different circumstances to adopt different methods, such as the use of adiabatic, refractories block direct burning steel structure, reduce the speed of heat transfer delay of the speed of steel structure temperature rise, but regardless of the adoption of a method, its principle is consistent, different steel structure fire protection measures.