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Safety Technology of steel structure
- Sep 20, 2017 -

The structure of steel production is one of the main structural types. Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity, strong deformation ability, therefore, the construction of large-span and ultra-high-heavy buildings is particularly suitable, and the material homogenization and isotropic good, is an ideal elastomer, most in line with the basic assumptions of engineering mechanics; material plasticity, toughness is good, can have larger deformation, can withstand dynamic loads well. , the construction period is short, its industrialization degree is high, may carry on the specialized production which the mechanization degree is high, the processing precision is high, the efficiency is high, the airtight is good, therefore may use in constructs the gas tank, the oil tank and the transformer and so on. Its disadvantage is that the refractory and corrosion resistance is poor. Mainly used in heavy-duty workshop load-bearing skeleton, dynamic load of the plant structure, plate and shell structure, towering TV tower and mast structure, bridges and warehouses, such as large-span structure, high-rise and super high-rise buildings. The steel structure should be studied in the future, and the yield point strength can be improved greatly. In addition to rolling new varieties of steel, such as H-beam (also known as wide flange steel) and T-shaped steel and pressure steel plate to adapt to the large-span structure and ultra-high-rise building needs. The steel structure is divided into light and heavy steel. There is no uniform standard, and many experienced designers or project managers are often unable to fully understand, and can be considered and judged by some data.

In addition there is no heat bridge light steel structure system, steel structure itself is not energy-saving, the technology with ingenious special connectors to solve the building's hot and cold bridge problems