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Matters needing attention in construction of steel structure workshop
- Sep 20, 2017 -

1, the construction of the shape should be as simple as possible, if the rectangular site aspect ratio is generally controlled within 1:1.5, it is more economical and reasonable; topography is used in workshop layout, transportation contact and site drainage; Under normal circumstances, the plant natural terrain gradient is not greater than 5, hilly slope is not more than 40, mountain building plant not more than 60 advisable.

2, should avoid the development of seismic fault and the basic intensity of more than nine earthquake area, debris flow, landslides, quicksand, karst caves and other hazardous areas, as well as the thicker three-degree collapsible loess, newly deposited loess, first-class expansive soil, such as the geological bad area.

3, should avoid mining value of mineral areas, GOAF, as well as ancient wells, tombs, pits, dense areas.

4, the site area should meet the production process and transport requirements, and reserved for the expansion of land.

5, the production land and the staff residence land should according to the factory scale and the capacity, according to the country, the province, the city stipulation quota, calculates the required area.

6, waste, waste residue of the factory, its stockpiled waste, waste residue required area should meet the requirements of the factory service years.

7, the construction site should be based on the size of the plant, the number of construction, and other factors to consider the establishment.

8, avoid the steel structure plant selection in the building of dense, high-voltage transmission lines through the area of the pipeline project to reduce demolition.