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Factors affecting radio Direction finding
- Sep 20, 2017 -

In the process of radio communication direction finding, the accuracy of direction finding is influenced by many factors, including the following:

(i) uneven transmission medium

In the actual work, it is almost impossible to meet the ideal state of homogeneous transmission medium. Uneven transmission medium affects the direction of radio wave propagation. Therefore, when the radio communication is being measured, the transmitted media should be taken into account.

(ii) Multipath wave Coherence

In the course of radio transmission, the occurrence of multipath wave or the presence of two of radiation in the vicinity of the direction point, which will cause the electric field to become coherent field, resulting in mutual interference between the electric field, so that the distribution of space is deviated, thus affecting the accuracy of the measurement, resulting in errors.

(iii) Low accuracy of measuring equipment

The accuracy of the wireless communication direction measuring equipment affects the accuracy of the measurement of the radio communication, when the precision of the equipment is low, it is difficult to ensure the normal running state of the lateral equipment during the direction of the measurement, and the result of the direction finding will be biased and not have certain reliability.

(iv) Noise interference

Noise can affect the accuracy of the direction of measurement. In the course of direction finding, noise or intermodulation noise can affect the result of direction finding and cause error.