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Eiffel Tower: Not only almost demolished, but also sold?
- Sep 20, 2017 -

The tower lasted 2 years, 2 months and 5 days, and the science of the program has almost encompassed all aspects of our consideration, combining human imagination and technology with 18,000 steel parts and 2.5 million rivets. On the day of the inauguration, as the tower's elevator was not completely completed, Eiffel stepped on the 1700-step steps, stepped onto the tower, and raised the French flag on the top of the tower. At that time, never had such a tall building been in the world until 1929 was surpassed by American skyscrapers.

Eiffel Tower: Not only almost demolished, but also sold?

However, before the tower was built, the government had just taken it as a temporary building and decided to remove it after 20 years, but it was the advent of radio technology that saved it. At the time of the First World War, the government found that such a high tower was a unique launch tower. As a result, the tower began to assume the function of radio communications, to maintain the communication between warships and headquarters, intercept the enemy's radio messages, so also escaped the demolition of the doom, and become a new tourist attraction in Paris.

However, the war is not over, the fate of the tower is not smooth. During the Second World War, after the German troops took Paris, Hitler came to the tower, French workers deliberately destroyed the lift ladder, Hitler himself climbed the steps of the commanding heights of Paris. However, when the Allies liberated Paris and Hitler was about to fall, he ordered a "scorched earth plan" and turned Paris into a pile of ruins. At that time, "the Foreign ministry, the Louvre, the Parliament Hall, Telegraph and Telephone Bureau, radio, the airport and the Seine river dozens of bridges have been heaped with explosives." The big tunnels that run through the city of Paris are then filled with torpedoes from U-boats. Fortunately, the Scholtiez general, who had always been strict in his order, faced the command of blowing up Paris, he hesitated, he refused, in order to be worthy of conscience, worthy of history. Paris saved and the tower was saved.

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