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Detailed analysis of the components of steel structure
- Sep 20, 2017 -

The structural components of steel structures are composed of separate parts and parts connected to them, including:

1. Beams and beams-these components carry load bending and shearing

2. Connection-These components are subjected to axial load tension

3. Pillars or pillars-these components are subjected to axial load compression and may also be subjected to bending

4. Trusses and lattice-these components are the manufacturing structures of pillars and ties that carry out lateral loads

5. Purlin-These parts are usually supported by bending members to support roof baffles.

6. Monorail cranes-These components are usually lightweight, and flexural members are mainly used for wall structures.

7. Floor coverings and sheets-these are lightweight, flexural components for use in floor structures.

8. Beams, columns and trusses are generally made of hot rolled steel from billet mills.