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Construction preparation of light steel structure installation process
- Sep 20, 2017 -

1. Test and acceptance of anchor bolts

Component entry and acceptance, assembling data inspection, hoisting and positioning of components, temporary fixation, measurement correction, retest test, high-strength bolt connection welding, inspection, paint repair, completion of acceptance, repair welding yard plan supply. Because the construction work surface is longer, the construction site area is larger. To this end, should be closely developed the component entry and hoisting week, day plan, the component into the day plan, accurate to the number and number of each piece. The daily entry of the components to meet the daily hoisting plan and supporting, on-site to ensure that there are three days of component reserves.

According to the site hoisting schedule, a week in advance to inform the production plant, so that the production plant at any time to grasp the site to install the necessary components to enter the times. Plan changes at least two days in advance to inform the production plant, the production plant should be strictly in situ hoisting progress required components into the plan, on time to transport the components to the site designated location.

2. Component Entry Inspection

Inspection of steel components after entering the inspection group according to the cargo list to check the number and number of components to match, found that the problem in a timely manner on the note, feedback production plant, in order to replace the completed components. According to the design drawings, specifications and production plant inspection report, the quality of the components of the acceptance check, do a good check record. In order to make the unqualified components can be modified in the factory in time to ensure the construction progress, can also be directly into the factory inspection. Mainly check the dimension of the component, the size and spacing of the hole, the location of the embedded parts, etc. Check the use of qualified measuring instruments, uniform ruler. The production of the components exceeding the standard error and the deformation in the transport must be repaired and reduced at the ground level before installation.

3. Steel component yard arrangement, cleaning

In accordance with the installation of the flow of the supporting components into the site, the use of car hoists as far as possible to stack it near the installation location. Steel component stacking should be uniform, laid flat, in order to prevent the component stacking compression deformation, the component should not be stacked more than three storeys. Before hoisting, the members must remove rust and dirt from the contact surface and the friction surface with the steel wire brush.